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Beauty Industry Training

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Beauty Industry Training

Lash Extension

Nail Enhancement

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Life Coaching

Need help with mental wellbeing, mindset and relaxation.

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People Skills & Customer Service

Stay relaxed under stress.  Communication Superpower

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Higher Ground Living Podcast

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Free mindset coaching right here . Join Shane and Nikki on the Higher Ground Living Podcast for actionable tips for creating unshakable mental health. 

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Take Your Life To Higher Ground

Higher Ground Living


We live to add value to other peoples lives. Training and coaching people to develop new skills and strong mental health is our passion and purpose. We created HGL (Higher Ground Living) Training Academy to serve people to this end. 

Here we offer our expertise gained over decades of professional and personal life in online training, live workshops and personal coaching. Higher Ground Living is the science of work/life integration. We develop the skills and mindset to live a holistic lifestyle where we operate with the same relaxed and productive energy wherever and whatever we are doing. 

Relaxed at work, relaxed at home , relaxed in relationships. 

Living an integrated lifestyle with clarity, purpose and success.

HGL Trainers Shane & Nikki