HGL Founders: Shane and Nikki

Shane L Taylor


Shane L Taylor Communication and Relaxation Coach. Shane trains and coaches people from all backgrounds in the art of communication and relaxation for a successful life. 

Shane brings his wisdom into the HGL training room to facilitate presentation skills, accelerated learning and unshakable mindset for success. 

Shane is the creator of mindset and relaxation coaching programs Ten2Relax and the Breakthrough Mindset System. Through these programs shane coaches people to develop unshakeable mindsets to drive their lives forward in the direction of their goals. 

Shane teaches that everything must be built upon a foundation of relaxation. Where the mind and body are supported and strengthened to cope successfully with the stress of our modern world.

Everything HGL seeks to accomplish and provide, is based upon these principles. 

"We were created to live by faith not by fear. Fear and stress destroys the human and lays a burden upon the world. Love and faith empowers the human and uplifts the whole world".  SLT

Shane is also a professional musician playing guitar and singing solo and in bands for 30 years. Shane plays a wide range of music for corporate events, public venues and festivals. 

Shane has been married for 21 years, and is the father of three children, two daughters 19 &16 plus a six year old son. 

Nikki Nicholson


Nikki Nicholson is the Trainers Trainer. Nikki has 25 years experience in the Beauty Industry and has trained hundreds of successful technicians across Australia and New Zealand.  

Nikki couples her extensive experience and uplifting training style to provide the best training day you will ever experience. 

Nikki hosts the Higher Ground Living Podcast with Shane L Taylor providing life changing mindset training to people in Australia and around the world. 

In addition to her beauty industry experience Nikki has worked in radio as host of a popular morning show. 

Nikki is a sort after mindset and customer service coach. This is what sets Nikki apart from most trainers. She is always focused on a positive customer experience. The sort of experience that leaves people hungry for more. 

This no stress approach is only gained by developing an unshakeable mindset that deflects the stress and overwhelm that can come when dealing with the general public. 

Nikki is a master of this skill and builds her training curriculums on this principle.

Nikki has been married for 30 years and is the mother to two teenage daughters, 19 & 15 years old.

The HGL Difference

HGL Training Academy  is the natural progression from our early days of producing The Higher Ground Living Podcast. 

Our deep desire to uplift people and see them live fulfilled successful lives inspired us to create training programs that would coach people to achieve this.

The HGL difference is our foundation of mindset building and relaxation. 

The modern world is being crushed by stress and overwhelm as we all strive to keep up with the incredible pace of technology and the increased pressure that puts on individuals and families. 

Not so long ago families were sustained by one income and a stay at home parent. Now days two working parents is often not enough. 

We need a mindset shift to keep up. We need to strengthen our mental health to move successfully with the rate of change we are experiencing. 

HGL Training Academy is focused on this challenge. 

We believe the world is ready to change and we see it growing each year. 

People want more meaning in their lives. People are crying out for work life integration so they can: 

  • Raise well adjusted, well grounded children. 
  • So they can live peaceful lives
  • Not be affected by the health issues that come from fear and stress. 
  • Enjoy life
  • Wake up happy 
  • Go to bed satisfied
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Be creative and inspired
  • Love and be loved