Relaxation, People Skills and Customer Service

Reduce Stress - Increase Productivity

Today we are more qualified than ever, yet good old fashioned people skills and customer service is hard to find. As a business owner, manager or employee, developing quality people skills and customer service will dramatically increase your efficiency, influence and productivity. 

We see so many great businesses suffering under the weight of frequent staff turn over and the cost of workplace stress. Its staggering to learn that the estimated cost of work place stress on the Australian Economy is in excess of 14 Billion dollars per year. 

We are highly educated in all technical aspects of our professions but we lack the skills and ability to deal with the day to day fundamentals of business and work life. The ability to relax under stress, effectively deal with each other as humans and serve our customers in a more coherent and productive manor.

When the "bottom line" is the only focus point, the culture of an organisation will suffer. The real bottom line must  be the people in our business. The old mentality of "I pay you so therefore you must do what I say", is fading fast. If we want quality people in our organisation who give their absolute best everyday, we must build our culture upon the mutual respect that comes from relaxation, people skills and customer service. 

HGL Corporate training  is about creating a relaxed and productive environment for the culture of your business to thrive on. Building a great culture within your business will pay off dramatically when your employees and partners are :

  • Content and fulfilled, 
  • Relaxed under stress
  • Have work-life integration
  • Are not overwhelmed
  • Inspired
  • Creative
  • Grateful
  • Peaceful
  • Super productive

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Where does most work place stress come from?

It comes from the other people in the organisation. It can be work colleges, management  customers or business owners.

Lets face it, we are never going to find the perfect work environment. The potential for stress is always present. 

Its not the presence of stress that is the problem it is our reactions to stress that determine the effects.

By developing effective people skills  we learn to react to situations and confrontations in a more positive way. We react in a way that doesn't lead us into conflict but leads us towards solutions and productivity.

Staying relaxed under stress is a superpower. However its not some magical miracle. We can all develop the skills necessary to remain calm even when trouble is brewing. 

Problems drive business forward, if we see the bigger picture and respond in a relaxed way that keeps creativity and solutions flowing. 

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