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Don't want to wait for one of our group classes, events or invest in private coaching? 

We have life changing online courses that you can purchase and get to work on today.  

We provide online and phone support for all of our courses. Because our focus is to see your life changed and empowered. 

HGL and Shane L Taylor desire results. We want to see your life move forward to success in whatever journey you are on. 

We all have an area of our lives that is holding us back. That weak spot where we just can't seem to breakthrough. What would your life be like if you could breakthrough in that area? If you could remove the stress that comes from that area. The stress that overflows into the other areas of your life and causes trouble where we used to be solid. 

Areas like





Health and Wellness

Mental Health

HGL and Shane L Taylor have created  powerful relaxation and mindset empowerment  courses to guide you to a place of peace, empowerment, faith and clarity. We guide you to your place of happiness that is perfect for you. Where you can stand in your power totally in control of your life.

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HGL Online Courses

Group Coaching


Commencing in July 

On the Gold Coast

Ten2Relax Group Coaching

Be a Relaxation Expert

Join a weekly, group coaching session to be guided through our life changing Ten2Relax course.

For one flat fee you will receive the Ten2Relax online course plus four group coaching workshops  over four consecutive weeks .

The group workshops are facilitated by course creator Shane L Taylor  so that means you are going to be blessed and empowered like you wouldn't believe. 

Who is Shane L Taylor?

Shane L Taylor is no ordinary coach. SLT teaches that relaxation and mindset are the key to a fulfilling life. What is the point of "worldly success" if we are too stressed out to enjoy it. We teach that success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. 

The HGL difference is that we must build our success on the solid foundation of relaxation and mindset. Relaxation to stay calm and strong under stress and maintain a winning mindset that flows out of empowering and grounded beliefs. 

Ten2Relax is our ground breaking course that leads the student through five modules filled with relaxation techniques set to original mindset enhancing music. 


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Private Life Coaching


Private life coaching is available for those with the means to access  one on one coaching with 

Shane L Taylor . 

Places are limited for this level of coaching. 

HGL Private life coaching works on:

Stress Relief





Shane L Taylor will guide you to  add 

peace of mind, Happiness, clarity and  fulfilment to your busy life.

Our relaxation systems are not designed for people who wish to disappear and disconnect from the fast pace of modern life. Our programs are designed to give you the skills to remain relaxed under pressure. 

Like an elite athlete, relaxed and in control of  your performance whether that is in business, with your children or in your marriage or relationship. 

The goal of our coaching is to make you the expert so you don't need us anymore.  We are not interested in creating a scenario where you are reliant on us as a "therapist" to keep you functioning. 

We focus on real outcomes and our programs achieve results. 

You will become the expert, and your life and the lives of those around you will be uplifted

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Relaxation Coaching

Are you searching for some peace in your life?

Are you looking for your clarity and purpose?

Is stress and overwhelm dominating your life?

Ten2Relax: Relaxation Coaching provides busy, active people with the tools and skill to live a high energy life without the effects of stress.

Lets face it, we are never going to remove all stress from our lives. Stress is a fact of life. How we react to stress inducing situations is the key. Ten2Relax is designed to give you the power to keep stress from overwhelming your life. 

By becoming a relaxation expert you will gain control of your life and move forward to create the lifestyle you truly desire

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

We believe that no matter how "successful" we become, if we are not fulfilled, happy and healthy we are actually failing. What good is millions of dollars if we are too stressed and unhealthy to enjoy it?

We hear and see so much information about "grinding" out our success. Hustling and grinding, making sacrifice and pushing our way to the top. Hard work is absolutely a key to success but why do we have to be in pain to do it? 

Why can't we work hard, go after big goals and a big life but with a relaxed state of mind? Ten2Relax is all about building our success on a foundation of relaxation. Being relaxed and in control  will induce greater creativity, better relationships, better health and a grateful mindset that can enjoy every part of the journey. 

Look at the benefits of a Ten2Relax lifestyle:

  • Sharper creativity
  • Clarity of vision 
  • Having a purpose driven life
  • Better relationships
  • Better health
  • Better sex
  • Success with fulfilment
  • Abundant Gratitude 
  • Peace in a storm
  • A powerful response-ability
  • Leadership quality

It all starts with the way we think. We think, we decide, we act, we live  the lifestyle relative to this formula.

Where is your formula taking you?

Is it where you want to go? 

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Ten2Relax is our secret weapon that is creating relaxation experts out of overwhelmed, stressed out people from many stages of life.

From corporate employees to business owners and entrepreneurs, young mums and overworked fathers. People are regaining control over their own mind in a way that is simple and effective.

Ten2Relax is a course that gives you actionable tools and expertise to reset your state of mind anytime, anywhere. 

You will build the skill to simply "take ten" minutes out from your busy day to re-focus, re-centre and re-new your mind. Enabling you to continue your successful day with all the added benefits of a relaxed state of mind. 

Imagine you had the confidence and faith to go after what you really desire in life. What difference would that make to you, your family, your business or career?

We believe we can have this sort of life and it starts with relaxation. Not being lazy and unproductive but being focused, purpose driven and super productive with a relaxed, in tune state of mind. 

Imagine what you could achieve if you could let go of the fear that holds you back...

 Imagine what you could achieve with the laser focused mind of an elite athlete...

Imagine, imagine, imagine.....

Its hard to imagine with a stress filled mind.

Bring back your dreams, find your life again.

Be Relaxed 4 Success with Ten2Relax

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Ten2Relax Online Course

Ten2Relax Group Coaching

Private Relaxation Coaching